Strategy & analytics for success

If you're wondering where your social media audience are, which platforms they use and how they can become more engaged in your content, then that's something I can help with.

I work regularly with organisations, and individuals to develop and create a robust social media strategy. I also help in development of new technology and the way the parameters move so quickly.

Real time results include projects for prominent journalists have included successful crowdfunding bids of up to £5k, projects undertaken with authors have included selling up to 100 e-books a month minimum.
I've worked Google News Lab to help get them to deliver training to Journalists to enable them to use the basic tools to help them do this for themselves.
However I can cover any area of business or campaign to help get you moving in the direction you need to go in- see the variety of projects below where Social Media analytics is of use.

I can help you identify where your niche audience is and when you should target them, I help identify demographics interested in brands so that your product or your story might excel and so meet success.
I consult on all platforms Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc and instruct, giving you hints and tips to continue yourself, and you execute.

Examples of projects I've worked on include:

Migrant Crisis on the Greek-Macedonain border : crowd funded Journalists with Social Media specifications to target their audience.

Book: Nobody of Any Importance, Phil Sutcliffe
Social Media Strategy, Blog, Social Media streams including Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.
Purpose to include sales of E books: this author with consistent strategy and dedication to persist, sells almost 3-6 books each week.

Conservation Media Group: Strategy lead on Solar Energy project, producing a short film. Funded by CMG & Creative Skillset UK.

Social Media Strategy lead for 'Windustry'-  promoting wind energy with #StickWindHere campaign. Leading to successful a $8,000 bid.

Analysing social media & open source data with predictive policing and it's effects on domestic extremism "Managing Threats"​ with Cardiff University.
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