eBook Coaching

 I was in Bermuda, so was Simon Calder. 
This meant no one was buying Bermuda travel articles, so I decided to put my articles and top tips in a 'Bermuda, Low Season' e book.

After producing my own travel e book corner particular niches in the market, I began to get quite high rates of readers.

E books haven't made me a millionaire yet, but they've definitely assisted me in commissions for other areas of work.
Now I help other authors do the same, after they've done all the hard work putting their words and/or pictures together, that's when to call me. I can help with the very basics of e publishing all the way to social media analytics and targeting you ideal demographic audience.
Many of 'my' authors are still with me and commission me from time to time if they need extra help or new developments occur for them, it's up to you whatever stage you're at.

 I assist individuals and groups on their own road to publish their own e books including- 
  • How to publish your own e books from Mac or PC to Kindle to iPhone.
  • Platforms to sell e books, including the best one's for your genre.
  • Pricing & marketing strategy.
  • Social Media streams and analytics, deep or as light as you like.
  • Managing social media streams when you're away, or dealing with a last minute 'emergency' issue.
In the first instance we'll have an informal chat to see where you are and how I can help.
Then we will have a 1:1 in person session for an hour to get you started.
After that we can sort something that works for us!
Looking forward to working with you.. and get that book published!
I am featured on e publishing and e books in this guide as a case study, which is free if you're an NUJ member:

Speaking events
Manchester on the 18th May 2016, details here:

Previous and current E book clients;

Author : Elizabeth Chappel Hiroshima
Author: Arjum Whajid : A memoir
Author: Helen Pascale: Two's company
Author: Helen Hilliard: Emma's Room
Author: Emma Jones: Supernova Hangover
Author Phil Sutcliffe: Nobody of Any Importance, A memoir.Nobody of Any Importance
Created Book Cover
Formatted e-document incl 300+footnotes for upload to Kindle
Training on:
Marketing incl
Blog creation, posts, scheduling
Facebook page- auto updates
Twitter branding and hashtags, scheduling @FootSoldierSam 

Dedication mention in the afterward:
Our friend Hina Pandya, a pro freelance journo, for patiently explaining – and executing – all sorts of techie and business stuff about e-books; also for designing the cover and everything else in my father’s memoir that needed designing.

Foot soldier Sam Sutcliffe enlisted at 16, fought on the front line at Gallipoli 1915, the Somme 1916, and Arras 1918. He starved, he froze, he got shelled and shot at and gassed, and bitten by lice and centipedes. He saw men wounded, dying and driven mad, and to his lifelong regret, he killed. Somehow he stayed lucky, survived – and, in his seventies, he finally unleashed his remarkable near-total-recall memory and wrote it all down, toddlerhood to demob. My father had a harsh honesty, strong opinions, a dry-to-sardonic-to-ribald sense of humour and he didn't hold back whether detailing his poverty-stricken childhood in north London, his final fight-to-the-last-man battle on the Western Front, or his view from the trenches of the Poor Bloody Infantry's lead-from-the-rear commanders. He gives the facts as he sees them – and his feelings still deep in his soul down all the decades. Just through one pair of eyes, as he always emphasises; no historian, just a boy who left school at 14 and lived it and, eventually told it.