Videos: Journalists, Authors & Campaigns

Hina successfully assists authors and journalists to develop manuscripts to publication. 
Then developing and teaching the individual effective social media strategy, complete with analytics, and influencer indicators.
Projects for prominent journalists including Julie Bindel below, have included successful crowdfunding bids of up to £5k, projects undertaken with authors have included selling up to 100 e-books a month minimum.

Hina is a great believer in diversifying your portfolio in the precarious gig economy, and so teaches writers too how to use the digital market to diversify skills to enable them to apply this to any project they undertake.

Julie Bindel has done a great deal of investigative work on the questionable case of Dr John Davies, she had enough material to create 10 podcasts, but needed to crowdfund the money to bring interest and donors. I needed to turn that material into a concise 1min video to share on social media.
Using the video below she was able to raise more than £5k in 90 days to produce these podcasts. The video above is edited to add music and a leading trailer to go now, to listen to the podcasts.

I can create content for your novel or idea-too this was done for  author Emma Jones to raise the crowdfunds for her book on the Unbound platform, using Emma's images, song and lines and getting a feel for the right look having read her book I put this together.
within 10 weeks Emma managed to raise all the funds she required and she will still be able to use the Video for promotional material on her social media streams.

A video put together using stills taken by a marcher for the 'Save our NHS' protest in March 2017, for the Keep Our NHS Public group.

A collation of  Washington DC Women's March, reasons why people Marched and the vibrant atmosphere felt by many who attended, after Trumps election to the White House 2017.