Hello and Welcome to hinapublish! 

I'm Hina Pandya - hinapublish, an independent writer, trainer, journalist, author, playwright and published poet.

I've worked on Hollywood movies at ILM, California, US, then after getting my MA in International relations worked in UK government. 

I'm intellectual and creative. Showing me everything works and anything can happen. 

I'm a writer, trainer, coach, editor, and all round freelancer, and entrepreneur.

I can take a project and pull out the gems.
Sometimes with humour, always with passion and focus.
Please find all information about my current journalism, social media strategy and analytics, published creative works and public speaking on the links in the bar above.

e: hinapublish@gmail.com
t: @hinapublish

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.
Ray Bradbury